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February 6, 2018





Welcome to my website and my blog!  This is all new territory for me, so please be patient as I continue to learn my way around editing a website and blogging. 


I believe bloggers are supposed to be routine in their blogging. I will try to the best of my abilities to add a new blog every two to three weeks.  So, you are probably saying to yourself "so what?  why do I care?  what are you about?"  I'd answer that with "I'm a wife, a cat mom with SEVEN fur babies, a teacher, a book lover, a writer, and seeker."


With that said, you will likely find some blog posts on educational topics. I've been an educator for close to two decades now.  I've taught HS English (see Professional Experience on my web page) and I now work in Higher Education as an adjunct for a local university instructing Ohio teachers.  I do this online from home.  This has given me more flexibility in my schedule to allow me to pursue writing, which I've loved since I was a young kid. So I will definitely be blogging about current educational issues.


Also, I plan to blog about my writing process. I belong to MWA (Mystery Writers of America) and SinC (Sister's in Crime) and SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) and I know many writers will visit my site like I visit theirs. As I learn more about traditional and indie publishing, I plan to blog on that too.  Please realize these blogs will be coming from a novice; I am hoping to not only educate myself but help other new writers along the way.


Lastly, I'm sure I will be throwing in some blogs about the Rath cat shenanigans that go on in this home daily and I love to cook and bake so I'll share some recipes here and there in hopes some of you will share with me!


I will try to categorize my blogs (if I can figure that out on my new site:) ) based on 'education,' 'mysteries,' 'YA and Children's Literature,' 'cats,' 'recipes,' and 'Writing'.  Hopefully this will help those of you that are kind enough to follow my blog be able to decide whether you are interested in the topic I will be blogging and save you some time.


You can check out my website to see things that have been published and what's in the work for the near future.  


Mys. Ed (Jodi Rath)


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February 6, 2018

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