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Warning! The Writings of J.R. Furi are for people 21 and over!


J.R. Furi is the pseudonym for the writing partnership of Jodi Rath and Rebecca Grubb. The women are a writer/editor powerhouse whose relationship began in the education field. Presently, Rath owns a business contracting with universities in higher education, writing full time which consists of screenwriting for a psychological thriller script, a cozy mystery series with ten books published, and freelance writing. Rebecca Grubb is a freelance editor and writing coach for fiction and creative nonfiction. She also dabbles in writing science fiction, short stories, and general fiction. Her current work in progress is a science fiction trilogy.

Breaking the Mold: Women Reclaim the Term Plastic
This article was first published in Crepe& Pen Issue #12 in their Springl of 2021 issue. You'll find the article on page 91 of the document! Breaking the Mold is a nonfiction essay that speaks to breaking the negative stereotype of the term "plastic" and how it relates to women.
Click HERE to view the article!

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